Metallurgical engineering foundry jobs

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Metallurgical engineering jobs have traditionally been abound in the foundry industry dealing with metal castings. Metallurgist jobs in the foundry industry have traditionally dealt with alloy chemistry controls, process controls as well as process engineering. In recent times however, metallurgical engineering jobs involving ferrous metallurgy such as the steel casting industry are generally not so common in developed western countries as most of these metallurgical engineering jobs have moved to countries such as China, Korea, Brazil, Mexico and India.

That is not to say that if you are located in the western hemisphere in a country with a mature economy such as Canada, UK or the USA, you are totally out of luck trying to find a metallurgical engineering job in the foundry industry. While ferrous metallurgy positions are not so common, non-ferrous alloy foundries still hire metallurgists in such economies. Casting companies that deal with exotic alloys such as aerospace and military and defense type alloys such as high temperature superalloy castings still have great need for metallurgists. Developing a substantial level of knowledge in single crystal growth, exotic alloy metallurgy, directional solidification methods, etc will prove to be a big asset in your job search efforts.

If you are looking to seek a metallurgist position in the foundry industry, sharpen your skills in solidification processing, single crystal chemistry, alloy microstructures, alloy development chemistry and metallurgical thermodynamics. The foundry industry is a highly competitive business and companies try to get ahead of their competition by coming up with defect free castings and improving quality of their products and metallurgists can go a long way in accomplishing these goals.

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