Metallurgical engineering consultant jobs

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Generally metallurgical engineering consultant jobs are not jobs that you find in the traditional sense of the word. Usually, independent metallurgists and independent metallurgical engineering consultant jobs fall into the self employment category wherein you provide services to your clients with the expert knowledge that you have gained over several years of your own technical experience. Of course there have been some consultants who started their own ventures and then became so busy that they started hiring metallurgists to help them with their work and so you might end up getting a job as a metallurgist working for one of these highly successful independent metallurgical engineering consultants.

As is generally implied or expected, the greatest asset that an independent metallurgist brings to the table is his or her experience in the field that usually extends to several years even decades. Metallurgical engineering consultants get jobs from other companies who do not have the financial resources to have a full time metallurgist on staff and bump into issues off and on where the knowledge and services of a metallurgist are needed and they then turn to these smaller firms for help and support.

You might want to consider becoming an independent metallurgist yourself. As mentioned, this requires developing an in depth knowledge of your specific field and develop a network of personnel in related fields where your experience may not be that deep, but whose knowledge you can withdraw upon to complete the job at hand. For example if you are an expert fracture mechanics metallurgist and a job comes to you that is a ferrous foundry application, you may want to sub-contract the key ingredients of the job to another independent metallurgical engineering consultant who specializes in casting jobs.

Independent metallurgical engineering consultant jobs can pay extremely well, but the key is to line up several assignments time and time again, so your billable hours are always on the high side and you don’t run out of them, because if you do, there will be lack of revenue.

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