Metallurgical engineering teaching jobs

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Teaching jobs in the field of metallurgical engineering are plentiful with the rise of so many new colleges and universities especially in developing countries. In developed countries the rise in the metallurgical engineering teaching jobs has resulted because many colleges and universities that did not offer this branch of study before are beginning to offer it as a new course of study. Additionally, metallurgical and materials science and engineering teaching positions are also sought after by colleges offering interdisciplinary fields such as medical and bio-materials engineering, nano-materials technology, aerospace structures technology, battery and energy materials technology and so on. Those metallurgists seeking teaching jobs should not overlook these interdisciplinary fields of engineering offered at various schools.

In order to land a teaching job in the field of metallurgical engineering, an advanced graduate degree is almost always a pre-requisite. A Ph.D is almost always required. Additional post doctoral experience is highly recommended. Because of the high value put on faculty research activities, tremendous importance is given to academic and research publications in your portfolio. It is imperative that good quality thesis and good quality research publications be put forth during graduate studies in order to have a leg up on the competing candidates vying for teaching jobs.

Of course, while any teaching job does not pay nearly as much as a high quality position in private industry, the perquisites of landing a metallurgical engineering teaching job far outweighs the salary caps. Academic positions offer flexibility of time, ability to have sabbatical leaves, reduction in summer work loads and overall a better work environment. Mental satisfaction is a big advantage in pursuing academic positions.

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    I request you to guide me if any vacancies in the teaching post. I done B.E and had 4.4 yrs overall industrial experience.