Metallurgical engineering welding jobs

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Metallurgical engineers can find plenty of exciting job opportunities in the welding industry. Being more of an interdisciplinary engineering area, welding engineering industries provide both mechanical as well as metallurgical engineering jobs. Mechanical engineers are utilized by welding engineering companies in the design of fixtures, as well as design of weldments themselves and other aspects of mechanical engineering design.

Metallurgical engineering jobs in the welding industry involve analysis of microstructures to accept or reject weld quality, metallurgical alloy design of welding electrodes, metallurgical evaluation of weld strength and so on. Additionally metallurgical engineering jobs in the welding industry can lead to research and development positions dealing with welding of dissimilar metals, study of weld metal solidification phenomena, molten metal pool contamination and such exciting fields of study.

Metallurgical engineering jobs candidates that are interested in pursuing a career in welding engineering can find a big repository of knowledgebase at the American Welding Society journals and magazines. Since welding as a process is utilized in the construction, infrastructure, automotive, aerospace and other industrial applications, the scope of finding metallurgist job openings in this industry is quite wide. One can start off as an entry level metallurgist and then progress gradually to senior positions and potentially end up in the executive levels also as either Vice President of engineering or similar positions.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in metallurgy or metallurgical engineering from a reputed university and have an interest in the field of welding metallurgy, then finding metallurgical engineering jobs in the welding industry may be quite easy so long as you are willing to relocate geographically.

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