Thermal spray metallurgical engineering jobs

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The thermal spray coatings industry provides exciting job opportunities for metallurgical engineering graduates who are interesting in pursuing a career away from the classical fields of foundry, joining and heat treating. Metallurgists interested in pursuing a profession dealing with rapid solidification processing should consider jobs in the thermal spray coatings industry. Geographically speaking, metallurgical engineering jobs in the thermal spray industry are pretty much global nowadays with opportunities both in developed countries and developing countries.

In order to launch a successful job search campaign in the thermal spray industry, one needs to brush up and develop additional knowledgebase in the areas of powder metallurgy, rapid solidification, surface treatment and surface phenomena, testing and evaluation of films and coatings. As a metallurgist in the thermal spray industry, your job might involve thermal spray powders development and classification, evaluation of coatings microstructures, metallurgical laboratory support, coatings parameter development, coatings specification writing or new coatings development.

Metallurgical engineering job opportunities in the field of thermal spray coatings is not limited to aerospace type applications; nowadays, such opportunities abound in varied fields including industrial pump components, paper industry, medical industry and power generation. Advanced material properties including thermal barrier, electrical properties, wear properties and corrosion resistance improvements that are needed in modern day components are comfortably delivered through thermal spray processing and this has led to a significant increase in demand for metallurgists in this field.

Salaries for metallurgists jobs in the thermal spray industry are generally higher than those in the classical industries, because the industry is not yet mature and new coatings and other developments are constantly sought after. A post graduate degree is highly recommended but a basic graduate level education can go quite a long way on its own.

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